Unipage SMS module

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Unipage SMS module

The Unipage SMS modules is an ideal addition to the default email. When the SMS module is activated, your customer will receive an SMS when you start working on the order.

Faster interaction

An SMS has a faster interaction time than an email. In other words, your customer will know MUCH quicker that you have started working on their order. Research shows that an SMS is opened 98% of the time, while an email only 20%.

The average response time to an SMS is 90 seconds, compared to 90 minutes on an email.

Does this mean email is becoming irrelevant?

On the contrary! Email continues to play a very important role in our society. SMSs are rising in popularity for online ordering platforms, but that doesn't take away from the fact that emails still remain relevant. Email usage continues to rise every year, in 2020 there are 4.3 billion active email users!

Use SMS in your advantage

SMS messages are very interesting because they are very short and to-the-point. With 160 characters per SMS, it's hard to communicate anything but clearly. When using the Unipage SMS modules, your customers will receive a clear SMS with all the necessary and relevant information regarding their order.

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