Onze optionele modules

Maak uw webshop compleet

Reservations New!

Using a digital calender the customer can choose a moment for reserving

Coupon codes New!

Launch a marketing campaign with a few simple clicks!

Timeslots New!

Deal with unexpected situations with this module.

Printmodule New!

Customize the tickets based on your needs and the needs of your kitchen

Joyn New!

Connect your Joyn account with Unipage Unipage.

Digital menu New!

Create a digital menu for your restaurant

Unipage SMS module

When the SMS module is activated, your customer will receive an SMS when you start working on the order.

Personalised app

Did you always dream of a personalised application for your business? Unipage makes this possible.

Extra location

Start an additional webshop with ease which can optionally be linked to the first.