Article overview / Unipos PRO version 1.4.3

Unipos PRO version 1.4.3

Z Reports

This applies only to GKS-compliant merchants.

End-of-Day Procedure

Starting from this version, you can manually initiate the 'end of day' procedure. At the end of your shift, navigate to 'reports' and click on 'close day.' After confirmation, a Z report will be generated.

An individual Z report can be printed on the detail page, and we can create a detailed report to gain more insights into this period.

When a Z report is generated, the 'counters' reset to 0. This means that the subsequent X report will be empty (see explanation about X report below). A Z report can span over multiple days (if the end-of-day procedure was, for example, forgotten).

Detailed Reports

A detailed report is the reporting function that we already had in previous versions. When a Z report is generated, a detailed report can be created on the detail page. Essentially, we create a report between the start and end period of the Z report. A detail report can span over multiple Z reports.

Interim Reports (X)

Requesting a report during a shift is now much easier, you can do this by clicking on 'interim report (X)' under 'reports.'

Requesting an interim report has no impact on the counters. An interim report displays all transactions and actions between the creation of the previous Z report and the current moment. It is recommended not to create Z reports during the shift but to use X reports instead.

Non-GKS Tickets

In this version, non-GKS environment tickets behave identically to a VAT ticket. This means that no duplicate work orders are printed, and only a ticket is printed upon completing a transaction.

Product Removal

When the availability of a product is turned off on the management page, and the products in the cash register are synchronized, they will be removed from the cash register.

Webshop Orders and Printers

When a webshop order is placed, the printer rules from the cash register are followed. This means that the configured printers will print the correct products, just as in direct sales.

Discounts in Yuki Reports

Yuki reports now include an additional option to split discounts into separate ledger accounts.


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