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Unipos PRO has become smarter once again

In the most recent version of Unipos PRO, we have some exciting updates ready for you, and we'll list them here!

Configuration in the Cloud

Starting from version 1.4.0, we have made some configuration options available in the cloud, such as changing your screen layout.

When you visit the cash register's management page, you will immediately notice that we have slightly adjusted the look and feel.

The management page naturally contains the same functions you are accustomed to, but from now on, only the relevant cash register functions are available (editing products, changing screens, etc.).

Changelog in the Cash Register

Nothing is as frustrating as implementing an update without knowing what's new, which is why we have built a new 'changelog' feature!

After each update, the cash register will tell you what's new.

Changing Screen Layouts in the Cloud

Let's be honest - setting up the screen layout on the cash register was often frustrating: greasy fingers, too small icons, TeamViewer connections, not user-friendly on a touchscreen...

That's why we have worked on the configuration page in the cloud. Just as you set up your products in the cloud, you can now also configure your screens in the cloud.

When you click on 'screen' in the management page, you will see a duplicate of your cash register screen (without your cash register needing to be on!).

Here, you can easily enlarge, shrink, and rearrange products to your heart's content. You can also easily drag and drop your categories.

We recommend doing this with a computer and -mouse, so you can create complex layouts effortlessly.

Need more complex layouts? No problem!

With this update, we have also worked on more complex layouts:

  • You can now add spacing.

  • You can determine the row height yourself.

  • You can determine the number of columns yourself.

Layouts like these are now possible.

New Work Ticket Functionality

No more paper waste - Unipos PRO now handles the printing of work tickets more intelligently. Additionally, VAT tickets have become up to 40% shorter!

Cash Drawer

The operation of the cash drawer has also been revised - from now on, the cash drawer opens only when the following conditions are met:

  • A VAT ticket (or regular ticket) is printed (NO work ticket!)

  • Cash payment has been made

  • The setting is active

New Screens

You may have already noticed, but the PIN code screen and the customer-facing screen now feature the configured logo.

In Conclusion 💡

A series of fantastic updates that make life easier for our merchants! We are not resting and have several more updates in the pipeline:

  • Integration with the Yuki accounting system

  • Controlling kitchen screens

  • Integration with label printers

  • ... and more!


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