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Appear in the App Store and Play Store with your branded mobile app

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Personalised app without expensive investments

Unipage will build a personalised application for your business, so your customers can add your business straight to their homescreen. This application includes app store listings (iOS and Android) with your logo branding.

Mobile devices account for over 67% of orders placed through Unipage.

Build a strong brand

An application will help you build a stronger brand and provide more trust for your customers. The more your customers trust you, the more likely they are to respond to marketing campaigns in a positive manner.

Connect better with your customers

With a personlised branded Unipage application, you have a direct line of communication with your customers through Push Notifications.

Mario's pizza
Good news! We've started on your order and you can pick it up at 18:30.

The application will inform the customer that it can receive status updates for their order. After they've accepted your push messages will be delivered straight to the device of your customer.

Inform your customers

Planning a marketing campaign next weekend? Inform your customers through Push Notifications.

Mario's pizza
Buy 1 pizza, get 1 for free! Offer valid until 23:59.

Engage your customers, improve loyalty and increase sales by sending targeted Push Notifications through Unipage.

Increase profit

By letting Unipage create your branded mobile application, your app development costs and maintenance fee will drop, making your profit margins significantly higher. No more expensive maintenance contracts, no huge investment upfront.

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