Article overview / Your next order is only one kiosk away!

Your next order is only one kiosk away!

Taking orders, processing, taking orders, processing... All these steps take up a lot of time, and it's not always convenient when your restaurant is busy. Save time, bring the kiosk into your establishment, and focus on what really matters: serving delicious food!

Have you recently visited your favorite fast-food chain? Then you've undoubtedly used their kiosk before. And yes, you know why! The ordering process is fast, easy, and highly profitable for the business.

Your customer gets an overview of all the products you sell and can easily scroll through the entire menu. With a simple tap on the kiosk, their favorite dish is placed in the shopping cart. Whether they dine in your establishment or prefer takeout, no problem. Just select the delivery option, and everything is ready for checkout. Payment can be made with a regular bank card or the banking app. Speaking of payment, you don't need a registered cash register system to process orders. Our kiosks come with an "all-in-one" system. In other words, they also print VAT receipts.

Say goodbye to those long lines at your counter or cash register. The ordering time is significantly reduced thanks to the kiosk. Perfect for quick decision-makers, but also for those who like to take their time scrolling through your entire menu. Do they have questions about a particular item? By reading a product description, they'll have all the details they need!

These days, finding extra pairs of hands isn't easy. The kiosk can provide a solution! No, robots can't replace human workers, but they can make their jobs easier. As efficient assistants, customers can use the touchscreen, and you can save on labor costs.

If all of that doesn't convince you, let's talk about the revenue and data that a kiosk brings with it. The kiosk knows exactly what, when, and how much has been ordered. Based on this data, you can tailor your menu to your customers' needs. Does a particular product stand out? Capitalize on it and create a promotion around it.

A kiosk reduces wait times. Shorter wait times enhance the customer experience. And satisfied customers spend more. Up to 25% more. So what are you waiting for?

Ready to reap the benefits of such a kiosk? Send us a message, and we'll be there for you within 24 hours!


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