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A QR Code as a Replacement for Your Menu

Are you reopening your hospitality business? Unsure about what to do with your menu cards? Try our digital menu. It's trendy and efficient. Want to try it yourself? Contact us and we'll assist you within 24 hours.

Learn more about how ordering with a QR code works.

What Should Hospitality Businesses Do with Their Menus According to the Law?

In addition to numerous measures to prevent COVID-19 transmission, it is now recommended (or mandatory) to eliminate menu cards from hospitality establishments. The reason for this is quite clear: a menu card passes from hand to hand and is a potential source of contamination. The owner must therefore display the menu somewhere else.

How Can You Replace Your Menu Card?

There is now a digital solution for menu cards: the menu card via QR code. Consumers can scan this code with their smartphone, which will take them directly to a digital link. This way, your customers will have all the necessary information about the menu.

Want to try it yourself? Contact us and we'll assist you within 24 hours.

How Does a Digital Menu Card Alternative Work?

Unipage's digital menu is not a mere copy-paste of a traditional menu card but an interactive application that immediately processes and provides information. Consumers don't settle for a PDF application that requires zooming in and flipping through pages. This approach often causes them to overlook important details. Our solution is a tool that supports your customers and provides instant information to aid in their decision-making.

Ideal Solutions for Coastal or Large Terrace Hospitality Businesses

The digital menu card can be directly linked to the Unipage ordering and payment system. This allows your customers to place orders and make payments immediately. They can order while still waiting for the waiter, making your staff more efficient and your customers served faster. Significant time savings!

Additional benefits of the digital menu card:

  • Reduced risk of further transmission

  • No unpaid orders or customers forgetting to pay

  • Less handling of cash by staff

Our solution is perfect for hospitality businesses reopening after the COVID months, aiming for safe and efficient operation. It's trendy for your customers and efficient for your business!

Want to try it yourself? Contact us and we'll assist you within 24 hours.


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