Receive orders at your own pace

Change the capacity based off of your needs. Unipage will make sure that orders are spread evenly between moments, so you reduce the chance of bottlenecks.



Unipage allows you to offer delivery orders on your webshop. It's easy to put in delivery regions, conditions and prices. Our application will notify you in time when you have to start working on the order - taking into account the real-time traffic information!


Follow-up via app

Unipage developed a unique application that allows you to follow-up on orders with ease. The application will notify you when you need to start working on an order, and is a direct line of communication with your customer.

More features

  • Personalised app
  • Extra location
  • Push notifications
  • SMS notifications
  • Online payments
  • Product management
  • Unlimited QR codes
  • Delivery conditions
  • Optimal delivery routes
  • Smart ordering lists
  • Contacttracing
  • Routeplanner
  • Digital menu with QR
  • Digital receipts

Don't lose out on revenue.

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